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When America was celebrating Guantanamo Bay Camp's fifth birth anniversary, TRIPLEN, as a detainee, was unflinchingly declaring:
Yes, I was the one who carried out attacks on the American interests; in Afghanistan, in Kenya, in Morocco, in Egypt. Yes, I was the one! And I was the one behind New York's Nine-Eleven! And I will do it again! Again and again! After leaving this Delta of Terror, the bloody Guantanamo Camp, I will turn the world into Islamic Globe! Stop me if you can! You America, I am warning you: don't you ever make mistake of setting me free from this Camp.
TRIPLEN was looming as a proud terrorist challenging America, the ‘World-Police'.
Then followed a stunning news. America issued a clean chit for TRIPLEN's release from the Guantanam Bay Camp!!!
The CIA said: ‘He was not our man. His identity had blurred our eyes. And, therefore, we issued a clean chit for his release!!!
TRIPLEN had a plan to turn blooming India into glooming India. He was suspected of having connections with Panther of Nithari Slums behind kidnappings, grisly murders, human organ trading, making pornographic films before killing the victims.
TRIPLEN planned attack on the Parliament, committed theft of one billion US dollars from the Indian Treasury.
Then something happened that stunned the CIA, the CBI, even the ISI.
The one and the only one smiling was:
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